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We at Sixspirits are focused on creating innovative flavors unique to the Seattle area, combining artisan distilling and distinctive Northwest product.


Innovation. Regionalism. History. Combining local ingredients with classic traditions to create unique spirits that reflect our mission.

We take pride that our artisan spirits are produced slowly, one batch at a time, using only fresh, local product that is distilled with our one of a kind dual pot still, producing exceptional product.

  • No SIX Botanical Gin

    Our signature product. A juniper forward gin with SIX locally sourced botanicals: grapefruit peel, black lime, rose hips, cubeb, black tea and cucumber.

  • No SIX Bourbon

    Our signature whisky. A delicious small batch bourbon. Rich, complex, with hints of toffee, cinnamon and burnt orange flavors. 2017 release.

  • No SIX Apple

    Distilled from No. 6 Hard Honey Ginger Cider, this Apple Brandy is a bright, clean, fruity spirit perfect as a base for many cocktails.

  • No SIX Aged Apple

    Distilled from No. 6 Hard Honey Ginger Cider and aged in used bourbon barrels, it's our perfect sipping spirit for sitting by the fire, served up, or perfect in a Manhattan.

  • No SIX Pomegranate

    A delicious apple brandy distilled from our own No. 6 Pomegranate Hard Cider. Barrel aged, creating a smooth, buttery caramel spirit, perfect over ice or paired with our Pomegranate Hard Cider.

  • No SIX Coffee

    An unique apple brandy distilled from our own Coffee Hard Cider. Barrel aged to produce a rich, velvety spirit unlike any other. Enjoy with a some cream over ice or paired with coffee.


Located along the waterfront minutes away from the Space Needle and downtown Seattle, Sixspirits Distillery is a craft distillery carefully designed with optimal equipment to produce quality spirits. The centerpiece is our custom designed 500 gallon dual pot still and column designed to produce the purest product, superior to traditional column stills. We support our workhorse with a modern steam fired boiler, low volume testing stills, our custom advanced aging vessel (the Punisher!) and european and american oak barrels for storage.


TASTINGS ARE $5 (refundable upon bottle purchase). Tasting include 4 pours of our various products or 2 custom cocktails featuring our spirits at Our Tasting Room. We can accommodate private tastings and tours - please contact us at

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The No 6 Facility

We take great pride that our distillery forms one third of the Number SIX family: SixSpirits - our craft distillery, 6 Cider - our hard cidery and Citizen 6 - our full service restaurant and bar. It is the only facility like it in the United States!

A true farm to table experience, all under one roof. Customers can watch spirits and cider ferment and distill, taste it in cocktail while enjoying a meal.


SixSpirits and Citizen 6 offer an ideal venue for private events of all sizes. We host small, more intimate events in our distillery and it's separate tasting room bar. For groups up to 150 people, we open up the entire restaurant and bar facility to accommodate larger groups.

Download our events flyer or contact us at for more details.